I moved from Warkworth to Port Hope in 2006 and since my High School days in Orangeville observing Rotary Exchange students, I knew that when circumstances allowed me, I would like to become a Rotary member.
The thought of “giving back” and “Service Beyond Self” really appealed to me as I was so grateful for my life experiences. My attitude was here’s a pair of hands that needed someone to tell them what to do. I loved the opportunity to volunteer and fundraise for community as well as international projects. My husband and I were new comers to the Port Hope community at that time and Rotary provided us with many new acquaintances -many of whom have become our friends. My world has expanded through Rotary as I see a much larger landscape and broader influences through my Rotary experiences.
One area I had not expected was the personal growth achieved through meeting new individuals, learning to conduct a business meeting, speaking in public, writing a report, communicating my thoughts and expressing my opinions - also the amazing support that my club members have shared. Rotary is a fabulous organization and it’s just waiting to welcome many new individuals who can also expand their world!