Rotary began for me in September 1973 when my client and great friend Ted Lacey invited me to join him for a Rotary meeting at Idalia Golf Club. At 29 I became the youngest member, but was impressed with the courtesy and respect I was afforded by members who seemed to be all the movers and shakers of the Port Hope community.

Much to my surprise I was invited (strongarmed) by the incoming President in June 1974 Bob Briden to be the club secretary effective July 1, 1974. Despite my concern for the lack of Rotary knowledge, the appointment proved to be a blessing in disguise as it afforded me the opportunity to be very active in the administration of the club for a few years.

Equipped with this Rotary experience I was elected President for the year 1978-79. Among the important issues I recall as President, included the establishment of a Rotary exchange with a Rotary club in Quebec (spoke French primarily) where we spent a weekend in each other’s community. Our club also hosted a televised Wintario draw at the Port Hope Legion. Further, we became recipients of a sum of approximately $80,000 from the estate of HB Stevens that eventually became the HB Stevens Fund that continues today.

Fortunately, for me I learned early in life that a living is what you get out of what you’ve got; life is what you get out of what you give. To me, this seemed to be consistent with Rotary’s motto of putting service before self. While I could do what I could individually to make our world a better place, Rotary enabled me to be a small part of a much larger group capable of handling larger projects. Indeed the International arm of Rotary enabled me to consider our brothers and sisters in the third world and those less fortunate.

To date I have spent over 47 years (less time for health problems) getting more out of Rotary than I have been able to put in. I plant to continue as long as the Good Lord permits.

Rotarily yours

Bud Lynch